Counselling and Support Services

At The Cece Yara Foundation, we aim to provide strict confidential counselling. Counselling can also be beneficial for assisting parents and non-offending family members in understanding the needs and behavior of the abused child.

One of the most important things our counselling program offers victims of sexual abuse is being listened to in an emphatic way; being believed and having someone accept that the abuse happened.

Our Specialists - Social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists offer counselling and psycho-social support. We provide:

♦  Individual counseling for victims of child sexual abuse

♦  Referral to specialists for medical attention and hospital accompaniment

♦  Group/Family counseling and support group for victims of sexual abuse 


Every victim of sexual abuse is different and we provide access to professional counsellors with the appropriate experience and skills.

Counselling assesses the trauma of child sexual abuse, supporting child victims of abuse to understand what has happened to them. It takes place between a victim and a counsellor, with the goal of internal recovery, recognizing that the abuse was not their fault, restoration of self-esteem and other feelings of fear, anger and shock.