Education & Awareness For Prevention

We believe that adults are responsible for the safety of children and that adults are the ones who need to prevent, recognise and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. Our prevention framework uses culturally sensitive and age targeted education programs; it reaches the media and entertainment industry and it provides accurate information about child sexual abuse prevention and recovery.

Research suggests that educators are the single most important group in the prevention and recognition of child sexual abuse after parents.

We realize that schools play an essential role in protecting children from abuse and also have a statutory duty to protect the children in their care. It is our aim that youth between the ages of 4-18 years of age, teachers, care givers, parents and community leaders learn the signs of abuse, how to prevent it and report cases or concerns.

Cece Yara Knowledge

Our education and training programs:

♦  Raise visibility for the issues of child sexual abuse prevention and recovery in our communities

♦  Equips every child with the knowledge and understanding that they need to stay safe from abuse

♦  Informs children and parents of the sources of help available to them, including our help line service

♦  Trains teachers and educators on how to prevent, recognize and report child sexual abuse

♦  Trains parents and care givers on how to prevent, recognise and deal with child sexual abuse