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The Adventures of Adaora

Author: The Cece Yara Foundation

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This children’s book tells the story of Adaora, a little girl of 5, who is quite inquisitive, friendly and loves to help.

As a child her mother, Mrs. Joyce, has taught her early enough what private parts are, the need to always set boundaries and the danger of keeping unhealthy secrets. But will Adaora live up to expectations?

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Bisi has something to say to all children. She wants all children to learn about body safety and asserting their rights. Bisi welcomes us to her home in Nigeria and shows us how children can navigate awkward and unsafe situations. If you are not sure how to talk to children about private parts, setting body boundaries, and how to identify trusted adults, then Bisi will help you to approach these difficult conversations in a fun and sensitive way. A must-read for every child with lots of entertaining activities and resources.


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