Girls and Boys have been sexually abused in Nigeria since you logged on.

Cece Yara Guide To Prevention

It is important to teach children about safe touch, unsafe touch and body boundaries; teach children about the parts on their body that are private.

  • Our private parts are areas on our body that we cover with underwear. Private regions are meant to be kept private by covering them very well and stopping just any body that wants to touch them there. Safe Touch and Unsafe Touch.
  • Safe touch includes – a hug friendly by our mum, dad, brother, sister, grandpa or grandma; a pat on our back; it is when we give a friend a high five.
  • Safe touch makes us feel happy, loved, nice, safe, good and important.
  • Safe touches are good, positive, caring touches that makes us happy. Safe touch is good for our body and it makes us happy, feel cared for, loved and important. So for example, when mummy hugs you for being a good child, it is safe touch.
  • Unsafe touches- are not good for our body. They can hurt our body, make us feel bad, sad and unhappy. Unsafe touch also makes us feel uncomfortable.
  • Unsafe touch is when a bigger/older person or another child touches you on your private body parts and it is not to keep you clean or healthy.
  • Unsafe touches are touches that hurt children’s bodies or feelings (for example, hitting, pushing, pinching, and kicking).
    Unsafe touch can make you feel sad, angry, afraid, ashamed and embarrassed.
    If someone gives you an unwanted touch, your body reacts. This is because your body sees it as Danger! Therefore, your body will reacts and then you may get sweaty, shaky all over, have sweaty palms, your heart beats faster and you may even have a sudden urge to go to the toilet. Sometimes, you may not feel like this but you feel unsafe.Where to get help when you get an unsafe touch? You can get help by telling a trusted adult about unwanted touches.Who is a trusted adult? A trusted adult can be your teacher at school, your grown-ups at home (like your Dad, Mum, Brother, Sister, Grandpa, Grandma). And when your parents are not at home