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The Cece Yara Children's Directory

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The Cece Yara Foundation

  • Description
    The Cece Yara Foundation is a child-centred non-profit organisation established in 2016 to prevent child sexual abuse and to provide access to care, information, protection and emergency intervention for children who have experienced sexual abuse or who are at risk. The Foundation provides provides psycho-social, legal and medical support for children through a 24-hour free child telephone helpline (0800 800 8001) and its child-friendly Child Advocacy Centre based in Gbagada, Lagos, at a time when government research estimates the occurrence of childhood sexual violence in Nigeria to be as high as one in four girls and one in ten boys.
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    0908 569 2612
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    Mon - Fri 8:00AM to O5:00PM

Sexual Offences Court

Ayantuga Primary Health Care Centre

Ikeja Judiciary Division

Imota Primary Health Care Centre