Founders Note

As a mother of 5, I have had the privilege of having young people in and around my home through the different stages of my children’s growth. A statement I have often heard as they near the end of their teenage years is “growing up is hard” and I will be honest, I get it. As a young adult I shared sentiments relatively similar until I was confronted with the realities of just how much harder growing up is for a child who has been affected by abuse, particularly sexual abuse.
Sexual abuse occurs in every community and affects all levels of society, and backgrounds. It’s true scale is likely to be significantly greater than official figures suggest, as most abused children remain unrevealed because the people and services that are supposed to protect them expect them to self-report – even though we know that children will very rarely do so.
This is why we need to create safe spaces for children to speak up. We needed to bridge the gap in a society that has little or no places for well-rounded support to be given and justice obtained. Importantly we need to encourage positive social behaviour and improved cultural norms that will break the cycle of abuse and will prevent the abuse from occurring in the first place.

Since 2016, my team and I have committed to preventing abuse, supporting survivors, prioritizing their voices and experiences, helping them heal from the trauma of abuse, and obtaining justice. All for free.

We work to create a culture that supports and empowers through prevention and education programs, improving access to support services, and holding perpetrators accountable. By using evidence-based approaches in our work and collaborating with other organizations and experts in the field we hope to create a future in which every child will access quality mental and physical health care, support, and justice; free from further exploitation.

Thank you for your interest in our work and for stopping by at our page. It is my utmost desire that you would partner with us in our commitment to ensure the safety of every Nigerian child. 

Bola Tinubu

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