Girls and Boys have been sexually abused in Nigeria since you logged on.

The Cece Yara Child Advocacy Centre

Where the smallest voices can be heard by providing a safe environment to make disclosures, stop abuse and get help.


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Talking about it Prevents Child Sexual Abuse. Find Out Tips for talking to children.


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Together we can end the menace of child sexual abuse in our society.
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Preventing Child Sexual Abuse is a Parent's Job
not the child's.


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The best way to nip Child Sexual Abuse in the bud is to
See it. Hear it. Report it.




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Search The All-New Safe Kids Directory

The Safe Kids Directory provides information on all child protection services available to children in Nigeria. It is a one-stop portal to help you find the closest police station, medical centre, court, shelter and mental-health service facility.

A Safe Childhood For Every Nigerian Child

The Cece Yara Foundation is working towards creating a safe and happy childhood for every Nigerian child, free from sexual abuse; with easy access to care, information, protection and emergency intervention.

Our prevention framework uses culturally sensitive and age targeted education programs to increase the awareness and knowledge about child sexual abuse so that children and adults can recognize abuse and know how to respond.

Our counselling program offers our child-clients and their families support and therapy appropriate to their needs, which are accessed through our in-house counsellors as well as partner mental health professionals

We support children and their families throughout the investigation and prosecution of a case, by providing information and support on legal rights, the legal process and possible outcomes. We also provide forensic interviewing to help in the investigative process.

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The Adventures of Adaora

Author: Cece Yara

As a child her mother, Mrs. Joyce, has taught her early enough what private parts are, the need to always set boundaries and the danger of keeping unhealthy secrets. Would these be sufficient to protect her?

The Cece Yara Child Advocacy Centre

The Cece Yara Child Advocacy Centre provides a safe, child-centred facility-based service for children traumatised by sexual abuse. Help us to continue to keep our doors open so kids who need help can always find it.

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