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1 in 4 Girls and 1 in 10 Boys will be abused before the age of 18.
We provide a free 24-hour helpline - 0800 800 8001.
If you see something, say something.
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Child Helpline -

Child Helpline -

The Cece Yara Child Advocacy Center

We are committed to advocating and helping the future of children.

Where small Voices can be heard

Providing A Safe Environment To Make Disclosures, Stop The Abuse And Get Help.

The Cece Yara Child Advocacy Centre provides a safe, child-centered, community-oriented, non-threatening, facility-based service in which child-focused community stakeholders work together to achieve the well-being of children and their families traumatized by sexual abuse.

The Cece Yara Child Advocacy Centre is a one-stop centre providing all the needed supports and services to children that are being sexually abused or likely to be abused. The centre, which is the first of its kind in this part of the world, provides a coordinated approach to the investigation, treatment and prosecution of child sexual abuse.

We minimize the impact of sexual abuse to the child and the family by providing children who have suffered abuse with legal, medical and specialized psychosocial support at no cost.

Our Aim At The Child Advocacy Centre Is To Reduce The Trauma Suffered By Children Through:

  • Providing information concerning medical and mental health services, examinations, evaluations;
  • Providing specialized medical evaluation and treatment as part of the Child Advocacy Centre response.
  • Conducting multidisciplinary team case review meetings and provide working space for liaison staff;
  • Providing a consistent, comfortable child-friendly setting for children youth and their families, where they can feel safe and cared for;
  • Providing crisis intervention and emotional support through our Child Advocacy Program, from the disclosure of abuse, throughout the investigation and prosecution of the case.
  • Providing therapy for children. Individual, group, and play therapy are offered. Teens and their care-givers may participate in the Survivors support group.
  • Our Multi-Disciplinary team interfaces with the Police, Ministry of Justice, attend to all cases of child sexual abuse
  • Assisting in the investigations of sexual abuse cases by carrying out neutral, fact finding and coordinated forensic interviews of children and non- offending family members, by trained professionals in a child-friendly non-threatening environment, where disclosure of abuse is made to the helpline or at the Centre;
  • Ensuring that thorough police investigations are carried out, and successful prosecutions are achieved;
  • Limiting the number of times each child is interviewed;
  • Limiting the children’s need to travel to various investigative and child protective agencies;
  • Being the advocate for the child and family throughout the process;
  • Providing children and families with all necessary support to achieve successful outcomes;
  • Providing community resources to communities, and church groups about the services, along with information and statistics about child abuse. Providing Adult prrvention programs;
  • Providing age-appropriate prevention education programs to children. Providing a resource library – books, tapes, and other materials to be available for children and their families. In addition, a professional resource selection is provided for those working on child abuse cases.
  • Providing professional continuing education for all professionals working in child abuse. Carrying out annual major child abuse campaigns to make the community aware of the magnitude of the problem in our region.

The Cece Yara Child Advocacy Centre provides a safe, child-centred facility-based service for children traumatised by sexual abuse. Help us to continue to keep our doors open so kids who need help can always find it.

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