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Advocacy and Support

... a collaborative effort is key

We have established a working relationship and agreement among child protection service providers with the aim of providing a coordinated responses, advocacy and support to child/victim who have being sexual abused.
By developing partnerships, assess gaps in service and foster cooperation which will led to developing new ways of delivering service; Cece Yara will advocate and support the rights of child victims of sexual abused and their family by providing the following:

We will provide child sexual abuse/assault related information and resources.

  • Assist caller/client in evaluating what is needed
  • Provide information verbally or in writing about available resources/services

We ensure that the victim and their family will benefit from formal psychological services. By arranging for qualified counselor and psychologist who can learn about the risk factors (E.G: Prior history, the nature of the abuse, caregiver responses) and how the child is currently functioning.


We will assist the victim as s/he makes decisions regarding medical care and to promote an appropriate response from individual service providers.

  • We will give information about medical care/concerns, including assistance with needed follow-up
  • Support at medical exams and appointments if requested.

We will assist victim/family to understand the criminal justice system, gain access to all avenues of participation in the legal system.

  • Assist in making informed decisions about police reporting and the preparations needed.
  • Give information about the criminal justice systems, civil remedies, Family Courts, including follow-up.
  • Support at interviews, trial and sentencing.
  • Assist in preparing for court; informing the victim of her/his rights in legal settings
  • Active monitoring of case through the legal system.
  • Assistance with protective/no-contact/anti-harassment orders.

We will try to alleviate acute distress of sexual abuse on the child and family, help the victim stabilize and determine what steps should be taken.

  • Information about the effects of abuse.
  • General information about medical and legal issues.
  • Provide case specific information.
  • Information on services available in the community.

We will ensure that needed services (client focus and case specific) and adequate support to enhance recovery from child sexual abuse by:

  • Assist caller/client in evaluating what is needed.
  • Providing ongoing personal support, including outreach calls/visits (including in-patient or residential care settings)
  • Practical help as needed; information and referrals which are case specific and client focused
  • Ongoing, repetitive crisis intervention.
  • Arranging for services to enhance recovery (e.g., health, financial, housing).
  • Consulting with others (such as Department of Social Welfare, Child Protection Network) regarding an individual case.