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Evidence based, research driven child protection information center.

The exact number of children in Nigeria who are victims of sexual abuse are unknown. Child sexual abuse is usually hidden from view and children may be too young, too scared or too ashamed to tell anyone about what is happening to them. However, there a few number of different sources of information, including federal government survey statistics, academic researcher and international agencies. These give us an estimate of the number of children who experience sexual violence.
The Cece Yara Foundation's Research and Data repository proffers reliable facts and findings on child sexual abuse in Nigeria based on our timely records and up to date research. Availability of this information will make it possible to ascertain the number of children who are victims of sexual abuse and the social characteristics of the victims and offenders.
The Cece Yara Foundation Research and Data Repository service will:
  • Provide free access to available data on child sexual abuse.
  • Conduct research to assess the prevalence of sexual abuse in schools.
  • Conduct research to evaluate the effectiveness of programs for combating child sexual violence in Nigeria.
  • Conduct research to ascertain the cost of child sexual abuse to state and National levels.
  • Record and process data on reported cases of child abuse, particularly sexual violence.
  • Provide quarterly and annual reports of child sexual abuse.

Research & Statistics

The facts are shocking, the statistics are alarming. Key statistics answering the following questions:
What is the prevalence of child sexual abuse? What are the consequences of child sexual abuse? Where and when of child sexual abuse? Reporting pattern and help services. View, print and download our PDF's to learn more about child sexual abuse.

Childline Needs Assessment Report

In joining the Campaign to "End Violence Against Children by 2030". CYF conducted Child helpline Needs Assessment Survey.

The Magnitude of the Problem

Child sexual abuse is far more prevalent than people realize. Find out how big the problem really is..

About Perpetrators

The perpetrators look and act just like everyone else and can be neighbors, friends, and family members..

Consequences of Abuse

Sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy are often the first consequence and sign of child sexual abuse.

Disclosure and help service

Victims do not sought help. The reason they did not seek services for incidents of sexual abuse was because they did not think it was a problem.

Location and Time

Significant cases of Child sexual abuse take place under specific, often surprising time and locations.

Upcoming Research.
  • Assessment of sexual violence against children at the basic education level in Lagos state schools.
  • Evaluation of effectiveness of child sexual abuse prevention programs/toolkit in Lagos state primary schools.